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53+ Inspirational Barbie Quotes (With Pictures)

Barbie represents an iconic image of femininity and has been a role model for girls and women for over 60 years. She embodies a sense of beauty, independence, and empowerment, inspiring young girls to dream big and believe in themselves. Barbie has also evolved over the years, becoming more diverse and inclusive, representing a wider range of body types, skin colors, and cultures, which has further empowered girls to embrace their unique identities and differences. Let’s get your vrooming in your super barbie car with these inspirational barbie quotes.

Top Barbie Quotes

barbie quotes from barbie dolls

“I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world, life in plastic, it’s fantastic.” – Aqua (Barbie Girl)

“Get your sparkle on. Show this world where you belong.” – Barbie

“No one can make you feel inferior, not without your consent.” – Barbie

“Live your dream.” – Barbie

barbie quotes from barbie dolls

“Did you know that if Barbie was a real woman with those proportions, she’d have to carry her kidneys in her purse?” – Lani Diane Rich

“You know I won’t be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll.” Meghan Trainor

“Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.” – Ruth Handler

“Barbie has always been an inspiration. Dressing her was part of every girl’s dream.” – Reem Acra

barbie quotes from paris barbie

“Anything is possible when you have a positive attitude. You can dream it, and you can do it!” – Barbie

“The best part about a new day has a second chance to create a different ending.” – Barbie

Barbie Movie Quotes

crazy diva barbie quotes

“Love and imagination can change the world.” Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)

“Friendship is the true treasure.” – Barbie and The Diamond Castle (2008)

“True courage is pursuing your dream, even when everyone else says it’s impossible.” – Barbie and The Three Musketeers (2009)

“Magic happens when you believe in yourself.” – Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale (2010)

barbie presents thumbelina barbie quotes

“There’s a star that’s right inside you, so come on and let it out, find out what you’re about ad just shout here I am.” – Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar (2012)

“Always leave things better than you found them.” – Barbie: The Pearl Princess (2014)

“The power to change the world has been inside you all along.” Barbie in Princess Power (2015)

Black Barbie Quotes

black barbie doll barbie quotes

“I’m excited to be part of the new direction the Barbie brand is headed, specifically how they are celebrating diversity in the line and encouraging kids to raise their voices.” – Zendaya

“My Black Barbies, they were representation before I even knew what representation was.” – Unknown

“Playing with my Black Barbies in the ’90s allowed me to feel proud in my skin as I imagined myself in Barbie’s ‘career’ and having the lifestyle that I created for her. I didn’t grow up seeing Black women in my community as my doctor, dentist, business executive, but Barbie could do all that.” – Ebony Oliphant

black barbie quotes

“If there were other Black girls at school, I was usually the darkest. The Christie Barbie doll resembled my skin tone so that’s the one my parents usually purchased.” – Ebony Oliphant

“My mom did such an amazing job making sure that we were proud of our kinky hair and our beautiful brown skin. Our Black Barbies were part of that.” Zehira Jirves

Funny Barbie Quotes

blonde barbie doll quotes

“You’re so fake even Barbie is jealous.” – Unknown

“If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?” – Steven Wright

“Barbie is my role model. She might not do anything, but she looks good doing it.” – Paris Hilton

“Every girl is a doll, either Barbie or Annabelle.” – Unknown

“But there was one girl who had a big influence over me. Barbie. I worshipped Barbie. In fact, I would say Barbie was my twelve-inch plastic life coach.” – Lizz Winstead

barbie fairytopia barbie quotes

“Growing up with two sisters, you either play by yourself or play barbie with them. I played by myself.” – Ricky William

“You want perfect? Buy a Barbie. They are quiet.” – Kate Stewart

Nicki Minaj Barbie Quotes

princess charm school

“Now when I tell em it’s Barbie, bi…yes, I really do mean that it’s Barbie, bi…Ask Mattel, they auctioned my Barbie, bi…Raggedy Ann could never be a Barbie, bi…” – Nicki Minaj

“Yeah, my money’s so tall that my Barbie’s gotta climb it.” – Nicki Minaj

It say ‘Barbie’ on my wrist tat.” – Nicki Minaj (Bussin)

“I’m Barbie drippin’.” – Nicki Minaj (Chun Swae)

barbie pink shoes

“I’m the Barbie, keep a lotta plastic. Little pink stars, put em on my jacket.” – Nicki Minaj

“Now all the bums is wondering where I be’s at – if you ain’t a barbie it’s none of your freaking beeswax!!!” – Nicki Minaj

“And I call Saks Fifth Ave-y home. That is where a real bad Barbie roam.” – Nicki Minaj

Barbie Captions For Instagram

barbie in a mermaid tale

“Imagination, life is your creation.” – Aqua (Barbie Girl)

“I’m the Barbie doll you’ll never get to play with.” – Unknown

“Come on, Barbie, let’s go party.” – Aqua (Barbie Girl)

barbie diaries island princess

“I enjoy getting dressed as a Barbie doll.” – Vanna White

“I am the living Barbie doll, how are you?” – Jeffree Star

“I’m not a Barbie and i’m alright with that.” – P!nk

“Looking for my Ken.” – Unknown

Barbie Pink Quote

barbie doll box fairy secret

“Feeling like a Barbie girl, I just need a light pink beamer, turn heads with the legs on shimmer.” – Doja Cat (Pretty Girls)

“Barbie, nails, and fashion. I’ll take everything in baby pink, please.” – Jeffree Star

“If it comes in pink, I want it!” – Barbie

“If you’re into pink, you’ll be fond of Barbie.” – Unknown

“I used to be obsessed with Pearl Jam, but I love having pink hair and kind of looking like a Barbie.” – Ellie Goulding

barbie quotes with barbie doll

“Too much pink? Never.” – Barbie

“Barbie paved the way for so many of us. While it may be a good idea to think pink still, we also have a lot of achievements to be proud of. We can dream big and achieve great things.” – Unknown

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