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50+ Best Morgan Wallen Quotes From Songs

Morgan Wallen is a rising star in the country music scene, known for his distinctive sound, powerful vocals, and relatable lyrics. His music has resonated deeply with fans around the world, thanks in part to his unique ability to capture the raw emotions and struggles of everyday life in his songwriting. Wallen draws from his own experiences and emotions to craft authentic and honest lyrics that connect with listeners on a personal level. His blend of traditional country elements with modern pop and classic rock influences has also helped to broaden his appeal, while cementing some fantastic Morgan Wallen quotes along the way.

Morgan Wallen Song Quotes

morgan wallen quotes dangerous the double album

“You’re all about the chase but you won’t ever let me catch you.” – Morgan Wallen (Heartless)

“I love you more than a California sunset.” – Morgan Wallen (More Than My Hometown)

“Last night we let the liquor talk, I can’t remember everything we said but we said it all” – Morgan Wallen (Last Night)

“What’s keepin’ me up all night is knowing what’s keepin’ you up all night.” – Morgan Wallen (Devil Don’t Know)

“It don’t matter how far I run, you’re the one that I can’t run from.” – Morgan Wallen (Sunrise)

“Hey, I’ve been mixing liquors tryin’ to get you gone. Aw, but I must be doin’ somethin’ wrong cause I’ve been working hard to fade your memory baby, but the only thing faded is me.” – Morgan Wallen (You Proof)

morgan wallen quotes country music

“It’s been nights that start with whiskey and days that end in why.” – Morgan Wallen (Days That End in Why)

“Does it ever make you sad to know that was seven summers ago?” – Morgan Wallen (7 Summers)

“Those nights, what I would give for one more. Bud lights and kissin’ on the front porch.” – Morgan Wallen (This Bar)

“I know we made a downtown reservation. Let’s get there early, get drunk, and break it.” – Morgan Wallen (Me on Whiskey)

“Every start has an end, every first has a last, every now has a then, every future has a past and sometimes you want it back.” – Morgan Wallen (Quittin’ Time)

morgan wallen quotes country music

“Spin you around and ’round this dance floor. Get you drunk on a love like mine.” – Morgan Wallen (Spin You Around)

“You say those city boys living in those high rise condos only left you feeling low.” – Morgan Wallen (Talkin’ Tennessee)

“I’ve lived out the words in a thousand old sad country songs but whenever I try to move on, it’s like tryna put a Band-Aid on a bullet hole.” – Morgan Wallen (Bandaid On A Bullet Hole)

Morgan Wallen Quotes Short

morgan wallen quotes more than one album

“Chasin’ you like those goodbye tail lights.” – Morgan Wallen (Chasin’ You)

“We live it up down here.” – Morgan Wallen (Up Down)

“Can turn this parking lot into a party” – Morgan Wallen (Up Down)

“Chasin’ that freedom, chasin’ that feeling” – Morgan Wallen (Chasin’ You)

“Good whiskey, bad decision.” – Morgan Wallen (Good Girl Gone Missing)

“You’re my sunrise, you keep comin’ up.” – Morgan Wallen (Sunrise)

“I was high but I guess I wasn’t high class.” – Morgan Wallen (Hope That’s True)

Morgan Wallen Senior Quotes

morgan wallen quotes christian music

“I didn’t want to act like I’m too cool for school or anything like that.” – Morgan Wallen

“Sign my life away to be the life of the party.” – Morgan Wallen (Livin’ the Dream)

“I’m not a huge award-type person. That’s not really what lights my fire.” – Morgan Wallen

“Making mistakes and making new friends.” – Morgan Wallen (This Bar)

“It’s quittin’ time.” – Morgan Wallen (Quittin’ Time)

“Mama don’t pray for my success anymore, yeah but mama still prays for me.” – Morgan Wallen (Livin’ The Dream)

“Cause I can’t love you more than my hometown.” – Morgan Wallen (Than My Hometown)

Morgan Wallen Love Quotes

morgan wallen quotes country album

“Kinda girl, once you’ve had her, you can’t stand to lose her.” – Morgan Wallen (Somebody’s Problem)

“Yeah, i’m laying every night holding someone new. Still chasing you, still chasing you.” – Morgan Wallen (Chasin’ You)

“I wouldn’t trade your kind of love for nothin’ else.” – Morgan Wallen (Last Night)

“Seeing you with someone else, it’s a whole ‘nother level. Girl even the devil don’t know this kinda hell.” – Morgan Wallen (Devil Don’t Know)

“When you’re tastin’ what he’s drinkin’ are you thinkin’ about me?” – Morgan Wallen (Thinkin’ about me)

“And tell me what’s your secret? And how’d you let me go so easy?” – Morgan Wallet (Bandaid On a Bullet Hole)

“And love ain’t on the menu again, lonely as an eagle.” – Morgan Wallen (Livin’ the Dream)

Morgan Wallen Blue Eyes Quotes

morgan wallen quotes for the music listener

“Love to drown in them heartbreaker blue eyes.” – Morgan Wallen (Somebody’s Problem)

Funny Morgan Wallen Quotes

country radio morgan wallen quotes

“I had a bowl cut. That was pretty bad. Definitely a bowl cut. And I used to have blond, like really, really, blond hair when I was a kid. So blond bowl cut – that’s what I was rocking when I was a little kid.” – Morgan Wallen

“I know it takes more than one album to stay around.” – Morgan Wallen

“My voice is obviously real southern; I automatically lean country.” – Morgan Wallen

“Cutoff flannel and a mullet. That’s what I’m rolling with. If you see me onstage, that’s what it’s gonna be!” – Morgan Wallen

“I like whiskey and I like vodka, too. And beer.” – Morgan Wallen

“I got a rebellious side in me, but I’m not mean!” – Morgan Wallen

“We can sleep when we’re dead, the night is still young.” – Morgan Wallen (Sleep When You’re Dead)

Morgan Wallen Quotes About Life

american country music singer morgan wallen quotes

“You never know the plan. You never know what’s going to happen. We are not even promised tomorrow. I just try to focus on one day at a time.” – Morgan Wallen

“I’m by no means the person that I strive to be. I don’t think anyone is the person that we strive to be. But I try.” – Morgan Wallen

“I feel like that’s my foundation and my roots, what I believe in – no matter where life takes me, I’ll always be the same guy and same person at heart.” – Morgan Wallen

“There’s a lot of things we go through, and we don’t even know why…at the end of the day, God has a purpose and a plan for you, and that’s kind of how I take that.” – Morgan Wallen

morgan wallen's country roots debut album

“I think it takes a little bit of time for people to take you seriously.” – Morgan Wallen

“I just want to be able to do it all just because that’s what life is.” – Morgan Wallen

“I think that the best music and the music that people relate to the most is the honest music that people feel themselves in it.” – Morgan Wallen

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